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You‘re likely to want help securing your future, to become wealthier, to protect your assets or settle a transaction or dispute of some description. We can help. Let’s get to know one another and let’s get things done together.

Staunchly Local

With deep roots in the New Zealand legal landscape and headquartered in the mighty Waikato, iCLAW Culliney Foley are driven to help businesses and private individuals succeed in their chosen field.

With projects in bio-tech, software, property and the food and beverage industry to name a few, iCLAW support clients by taking the time to dive deep into client projects to fully understand their challenges, strategies and aspirations. This approach enables iCLAW solicitors to craft robust, practical strategies and advice.

Truly Global

With existing associate firm relationships in London, Asia and the US, iCLAW has a growing network of like minded practices who work with progressive clients at home and around the world to make the law work for them. iCLAW Culliney Foley have executed numerous commercial and private deals both for New Zealand clients and on behalf of their affiliates. Admittedly, it makes for long days and short weekends but the outcome is worth it for those clients needing local knowledge in specific markets.

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