Intellectual Property

Commercialisation and monetisation of intangible assets (such as patents, trade marks, designs and copyright) through sale, purchase, capital raising, ownership capture (at the date of creation), assignment and licensing.

Significant Commercial Activities

Larger commercial activities including Restructures, Mergers & Acquisitions.


Residential and commercial real estate developments involving either the sale or purchase of units or land (including apartments) being developed and the initial capital raising and drafting required to commence developments.

Succession & Transmission

Facilitating the transmission of senior staff and/or family members into ownership and graceful, and profitable exit of founders.

Private Client


General commercial matters including terms and conditions of trade, franchising, procurement, small to medium and start up enterprise and simple business contracts.

Relationship Property´╗┐

Drafting and reviewing contracting out agreements, settlement agreements and advising on relationship property rights and obligations.

Employment & Human Resource Management

Drafting, reviewing and advising on the terms of employment for either employees or employers with a focus on restructuring and refreshing processes, policies and agreements in larger organisations looking to update or upgrade their human resource management systems.

Real Estate & Property

Residential and commercial land transactions including the buying, selling, refinancing and leasing, of land by landlords, investors, commercial tenants, new home buyers and people looking to unlock value in their land or relocate.

Asset Protection & Trusts

Setting up and maintaining effective asset protection structures, drafting wills and powers of attorney (including enduring powers of attorney) handling simple and complex estate matters. 

Health & Safety

Health and safety policy reviews, education and incident management.