Let’s face it; this is hard. 2020 started off with such promise, and now we’re living in a world that no one could have ever predicted facing. We need to realise that although what we have planned for 2020 may not play out, other incredible things will. There is opportunity in this struggle. One instant benefit that has been forced on us is that we are now better educated in the use of technology so we are open for business whether we are at home, in the office, or another remote location.

We’ve compiled a list of things that we think business-owners should do to take advantage of this time so as to come out better on the other side.

  1. Reflect on your brand. Take the time to consider where your businesses brand is at; could it be better? Is it time to make a few changes? Use this time in isolation to brainstorm and even to begin implementing brand improvements.

  2. Enforce your culture. Lockdown has forced tight-knit teams to isolate from one another. How is your culture holding up during this time? Take some time to evaluate how your employees are feeling; is your culture still alive and do you need to make changes to it to keep the spirit of your business alive? It’s important that employees still get that positive social work interaction (for example, we’re all missing the office banter) even from a distance. Have you considered Zoom lunches with your staff, or stopping work on Friday for a 4 pm virtual get together?

  3. Touch-base with your stakeholders. Check-in on your clients, your suppliers, your organisational partners and any other key stakeholders. These people are a part of your business too, and although you may not be doing regular business with them now, maintaining strong relationships with them during this period is key. Come out of this with stronger relationships and you’ll be ready for business day 1 of post-lockdown.

  4. Prioritise Innovation. If you’ve got spare time, use it wisely. When operating as usual, you probably had no time to brainstorm any new ideas. Take the time to explore potential new business ventures and consider that next big idea that might take your business to the next level.

  5. Learn some skills. Now is the time to prioritise your own personal development, especially if you're light on 'work'. If you need to work towards a certain amount of personal development hours as part of your work, bank them up now. Your future self will be grateful. Educate yourself on that new topic that you’ve wanted to learn about or take advantage of the accessible webinars that are being offered all over the internet.

  6. Improve your social media presence. Your social media profiles act as the face of your brand during times like these. Work on improving your profiles so it is can be used effectively for developing new business contacts and for engaging with existing contacts, thereby creating new opportunities.

The main thing to remember is that although this time is uncertain, overwhelming and different; you will come out of this as a better individual and a better business if you want to. Create those opportunities to do better, and you’ll be thankful for this time when it’s over.

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