Employment Law

Here at iCLAW, our experienced team can assist you and your business in developing and facilitating the best employment procedures possible. We can provide assistance in a diverse range of employment law matters.

Our team can help you with general employment law as well as provide specific services regarding terms of employment, restructures, policy agreements, Human Resource Management Systems and more.

Employment documentation:

  • Individual employment agreements

  • Contractor agreements

  • Workplace policies

  • Restructure and Redundancy

  • Performance management and disciplinary process

  • Employee exits/dismissal

  • Personal grievances

  • Dispute resolution

Post-employment obligations:

  • Restraint of trade

  • Confidentiality and IP

  • Non-solicitation

Our Services

Employment Documentation

We provide advice and assistance to employers in relation to all documents that establish the employment relationship, including individual employment agreements, contractor agreements and workplace policies.

 iCLAW can also review and provide advice on terms contained in proposed employment agreements (or independent contracts) for both employers and employees.

Restructure and Redundancy

Here at iCLAW we understand that undertaking a restructure and redundancy process can be daunting for both employers and employees with many steps to follow to ensure you follow procedural process.

If you are an employer undertaking a restructure, we offer a range of services to cater to how involved you want us to be during this process. We can complete the entire process on your behalf, including preparation of all documentation and liaising with employees, or we can review the documentation you have prepared and provide advice along the way.

We also provide support to our employee clients who are involved in a restructuring process or have been affected by redundancy and provide advice.

Performance Management and Disciplinary Process

At iCLAW we can assist our clients navigate the processes of performance management. This includes putting in place an effective performance improvement plan and guiding you through the steps to take when managing employee performance.

iCLAW can advise employers about the correct process for making decisions about disciplinary processes, including serious misconduct. We can also provide the necessary documentation required to complete such processes as well as assist employees who have been involved with such processes.

Employee Exits and Dismissal

Whether you are an employer or an employee we can help you navigate the end of the employment relationship and ensure that each party is aware of the obligations when going through this process.

 We can advise clients who are dealing with post-employment issues, including restraint of trade, non-solicitation and confidentiality obligations.

Personal Grievances & Dispute Resolution

iCLAW can offer assistance to employers and employees that require help resolving employment relationship problems and personal grievances, including negotiating settlement terms.

We can help:

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