Do epic sh*t probably sounds like a tagline for Redbull. But we reckon it applies to us at iCLAW too.

This is probably where we insert an obligatory line about how we see the law as a tool to do cool things. And while that’s true, we’re just going to get straight into our first client/project profile of 2022.

Introducing Daniel Kirk from Black & Orange - a commercial and residential property development company based in the Waikato.

We sat down with him recently to learn more about Black & Orange, the One Cook Street project and what he really thinks about Owen Culliney.

Tell me about Black & Orange?  

We are a group of youngish property industry professionals focusing on delivering developments that contribute to our communities and stand the test of time. I guess you could say that legacy projects are our thing; we want to look back in 20 years and feel proud that these developments are still relevant.

Our focus is on being premium – both in our service and development quality. The opposite of the bare minimum, we always find ways to take things a step further with what we do. We are very much quality over quantity.

iCLAW is working with Black & Orange on One Cook Street; tell us about the project?

Right in the heart of Hamilton East, we are developing a premium, mixed-use eight-storey building with the best river views in the city. What makes this project particularly special is the location. Right on a river bend and looking straight up the river, this will be the tallest building in Hamilton East and will literally pop up out of the tree canopy. It will be a natural sanctuary – close enough to town to be walkable but not so close that you hear more than a faint city hum over the birdsong.

When can I move in?

We are aiming for completion mid-2024. We should be breaking ground on construction next summer. You’ll need to be quick though with only 9 new apartments and penthouses!

What does One Cook Street mean for Hamilton East?

With commercial and residential space available, we see this as contributing to the overall gentrification of the area. The development will have room for hospitality and retail, commercial office space, parking and three levels of luxury apartments and penthouses. I remember a cousin of mine visiting a few years back and drawing parallels between Hamilton East and Ponsonby, Auckland (where he lived). I think projects like this will contribute to Hamilton East living up to its potential.

At a personal level, I am looking forward to playing a role in the area’s transformation. I do have to say though, with the river right there, Hamilton East offers much better views (and nicer running/walking options) than Ponsonby.

What is iCLAW’s involvement in One Cook Street?

As I mentioned, we are always looking for ways to do things better to ensure the best experience for our clients, and I feel like iCLAW get that. On this development we wanted a more personal and straightforward sale and purchase agreement, iCLAW took the time to understand the needs of our clients and put together something bespoke that we are really happy with. It sounds like a small thing, but it makes a difference to the experience for our clients and has set us apart from our competitors. iCLAW have contributed to our business beyond just ticking the legal boxes.

What’s it like working with iCLAW?

Straightforward and concise, they are good people who explain things simply which makes them easy to work with. They are really responsive. A lot of what we need from a law firm is help spotting potential issues; the team always flag things quickly and help us find solutions.

They also offer a lot of value at a business level too, and it is great having people to call on for advice when we need it. I catch up with Owen regularly over a beer, so even in an informal context, it’s valuable to have the iCLAW insight to tap into when we need it.

Weekly beers with Owen - he must be a pretty good dude?

[Laughs] yea, we get on pretty well.